Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugin Advanced Autonumber

Advanced AutoNumber is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on that allows you to add flexible, powerful and configurable numbering features to CRM built-in or custom entities. Advanced AutoNumber features:

  • Supports all entities where you can add attributes
  • Multiple AutoNumber on the same entity and form
  • Flexible customizable numbering pattern
  • Patterns can be created with multiple dynamic fields or dates, static values, separators
  • Padding to the left or right, with any length or character
  • Numbering up or down (supports negative values)
  • Free choice of the increment
  • Numbering grouped by a related field, an Option Set value, or both (Ex: Numbering statements per Account, numbering Cases of type “Problem”, numbering all contact of type “employee” per account,…)
  • Pause the auto numbering and restart it
  • Multiple reset possibilities (Every year, on a specific date, when a counter value has been reached)
  • The AutoNumber field can be read-only or even not published on the form
  • Supports records that are workflow generated
  • The guarantee of not using the same number again, even if a record is deactivated or deleted
  • Fill in functionality for numbering pre-existing records

Advanced AutoNumber supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015, 2016 Online, On Premise and On Premise IFD mode. Load balancing installations are supported.

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